Tanks & Water Carting

Otway Concrete Tanks

Concrete tanks, repairs & tank maintenance

Water Tank Cleaning

Have all mud and sludge removed from, your water tank
and improve your water quality.
We clean all types of water tanks.
Removing all mud and sludge as well as washing the
walls and floor clean.

PH: 0409 210 057 


Ballarat Big Vac

Specialising in Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Also all other aspects of vacuum cleaning including:

 Insulation and Dust | Grain Silos | Elevator Pits | Water Tanks and Flood Damage | Grease Traps |Pressure Cleaning

EPA licence accredited

PH:  Milton Howard  mobile: 0409 503 778

Gargan Water Cartage

Water tanks, swimming pools, cant get in?

Dont want a big tanker?

Call Andrew Scott

PH: 0428 301 701

Drinking water only