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Meredith Newsletter Committee

To help the committee stay focused on what matters, it has devised a "mission statement" which states our ambition or objective for the newsletter. This statement is supported by a number of policies and protocols.

Mission Statement

The Newsletter will be a valued and sustainable source of local news for the district community. By this means, it will make a positive contribution to community participation, interaction and awareness of local activities and events.


The Newsletter Committee will actively foster relevant contributions of interest to the community from district individuals and organisations and other appropriate sources.

Volunteers will be recruited and trained to ensure the continued publication of the newsletter.

A Publication Guideline will be maintained to ensure the integrity of both the Committee and the Newsletter, and consistency of practice. It will include guidelines for:

  • Selection of published material.

  • Avoiding the publication of erroneous, disrespectful or unduly controversial material.

  • Publication of community announcements including entitlements to free promotion.

  • Dealing with advertising errors and advertiser complaints.

Advertising, donations and grants will be sought to meet the costs of maintaining the newsletter, including the acquisition and replacement of equipment.

Arrangements and relationships will be fostered and maintained to ensure the distribution of the Newsletter throughout the community.

The Committee will responsibly monitor its operational and financial performance. As part of this process, it will, at least annually, review publication costs, advertising rates and other matters related to the Newsletter’s sustainability.

Adopted by the Meredith Newsletter Sub-Committee 4th October 2006

Reviewed 21st April 2008